G'dday and welcome to my website. You'll find a collection of oddments that I've written in the past 15 or 20 years. Among them are rants, stories, poems and songs. I guess you could say that this is really sort of an eclectic stew. I keep adding to the pot as I have the time and inclination. The latest addition is an MP3 of Waiting for the Change . This is the final release. I've made a number of changes in the mix and arrangement from last year's original version as well as a little shuffling of verses. I'm pretty happy with the result; hope you enjoy it as well. Like all of my songs, you can download this one for free.

Those of you looking for my booking information, my performance calendar and other musician stuff will find it on the page I maintain on MySpace.

The MP3 page is in the middle of a major overhaul as I find a new place to host my older songs. I have no idea when I'll get that sorted out.

I've got a sort of general bio on the Rants page. You can find another on MySpace that focuses on my background in music.

I hope you find something worth your time on these pages. If you do, please hit the Donate button below. It'll take you to the PayPal link I have set up for donations.

If the spirit moves you or you're having problems with the site, feel free to drop me a note.

Thanks and happy reading,
April 22, 2009

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